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Art for God’s Sake?

Whether you create art or “enjoy artistic work” as Roy does, every one of us finds something to be captured by when it comes to art. But what is art? More specifically, can art – visual, performance, digital, literary, etc. – and Christianity go hand in hand?

But what is art?

In this episode entitled “Art for God’s Sake,” we’ll discuss the above and more with today’s podcast team of Patricia, Roy, Peter, Krista, and Aaron Vienot (one of our bloggers, check out some of his posts here). 

Art can be found in anything. From the beautiful architecture Roy witnessed on his vacation in Europe this summer to Peter’s fascination with the beautiful design God puts into a human kidney, we see beauty all around us. But as Christians, how should we view art? Is it okay for us to contribute our own abilities … and should we?

As our podcasters touch on their own involvement in the artistic community (3:33), illustrated Bibles (7:35), knowing what kind of art to produce and/or consume (8:47), the power of music (9:27), and what biblical principles to follow (35:35) there is one essential thing to remember:

God is the Creator— in fact, that’s one of His names! Even though everything He created has a function, it’s all beautiful. That is one of the ways we can have a deeper connection with Him, simply by appreciating and participating in the artistry He has created all around and in us.

As always, we want to take a second look at what we think we know about the Christian life and see what the Bible actually says. The point? To better navigate and find a pattern for the reason why we live our lives before God. If you liked our podcast, check out some of our other posts and episodes, and if you have a question for our team or something you’d like to hear us talk about, reach out through the Ask a Question tab. Thank you for joining us today at Patterns of Truth!

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