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Help, My Church Doesn’t Talk About Sex Enough!

Patricia, Krista, and guest Elyse are back in another Measure Twice episode where we “take a second look at what we think we know about Christian life and see what the Bible actually says. . .to better navigate and to find a pattern for the reason why we live our lives before God.”

Today’s podcast is called “Help! My Church Doesn’t Talk About Sex Enough!” 

First of all, why does talking about sex make us feel uncomfortable? And why should we not be? (3:59)

In this podcast specifically, we’re talking about sex as more of an “umbrella term,” as Patricia puts it (6:04), to address the questions sent in to us by you, our followers, and listeners. Questions such as:

•In a world that centers around sex, do we need to talk about sex as much as everyone else does? (8:03) 

•How do we get the discernment, the ability to know what’s dangerous and what’s not? (13:59)

•”Are we [viewing sex] from God’s filter? His lens? Or the world’s lens?” as stated by Elyse, points us to a bigger question- how does God Himself view sex? How do we get that lens and avoid twisting it into a worldly way? Where do we start? (18:21)

•Why is it hard to have positive conversations about sex? (23:35)

•What’s the solution? (41:20)

As the conversation continues, our podcasters give insight into some of the misconceptions brought about by not talking about sex, where our focus should lie, the consequences of viewing sex the way the world views it, the difference between being tempted versus yielding to it, and how we as Christians should and can have these discussions in a way that’s Christ-centered and God-honoring, while still giving or getting the help we need.

Thanks for joining our latest Measure Twice! If you want to get involved in the discussion, scroll down to the comment section; if you have a question, scroll up to our “Q&A” drop-down menu. Patterns of Truth is here to engage with you and to help you search out the truths to be found in God’s Word. 

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Patterns of Truth Podcast
Patterns of Truth Podcast
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