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The Sacred Name Movement

What’s the harm in calling Jesus “Yeshua” if that is how His name was said in Hebrew or Aramaic? What about “Meshiach” or “Messiah?”

What’s the harm in calling the Lord Jesus by this accurate title?

Welcome to another Patterns of Truth podcast!

Joining Peter at the mic today are Q&A bloggers Daniel and Aaron and a new member of our team, Deewan. They’ll be discussing the Sacred Name movement (also the Hebrew Roots movement) and its impact on us in North America and elsewhere in the world.

To start us off, let’s take a look at some of the basic questions—

  • What is the sacred name movement?
  • Where did it get its start?
  • What are the fundamental beliefs of the movement?

—before we dig deeper into the topic and learn from Scripture and our guests’ personal experiences.

So often, the English language is described as “weaker,” and words that hold deeper meaning in other, more ancient languages seem to lose their potency. So, if English-speaking believers just call Him “Lord Jesus,” have we unintentionally disrespected Him? As Christians, we should revere God and the Lord Jesus, and throughout the Bible, we see how important the names of God are; even in the New Testament, many followers of the Lord Jesus call Him “Lord” instead of just “Jesus.” What can you say about the modern practice of referring to Him as “Jesus” without the title of “Lord?” Have we been unintentionally irreverent? Have we diminished the sacredness of His name? 

As Millennial and GenZ Christians, should we adjust our language? Does it matter to God if we do so or not? Is it legalistic to follow the pattern that is found in the Bible – and encourage our peers to do so as well?

Let’s take a look!

Thanks for listening with us; we hope you, like us, were able to take away something from this podcast and be challenged in how you speak about the Lord Jesus. If you’re interested in reading up more on this topic, Daniel and Aaron have both written Q&A posts for Patterns of Truth on this topic:

Check these great articles out and share them with a friend! 

We hope this discussion made you think, gave you some answers, and maybe, piqued your interest so you dig deeper into the topic. Ultimately, our goal is to start conversations, stimulate curiosity and engage our critical thinking. What’s the point? To grow closer to the Lord. See you next time!

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