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What Does It Take To Find Truth?

Peter Keddis along with Roy Touzeau and Brian Warren tackle the question, “What Does it Take to Find Truth?”.

Does truth exist?

This is a question with a long history of philosophical debate, but is it even relevant in an age of “post-modern” thinking? Is the questioning of the existence of truth just a way to justify our behavior and our individual perspective?

According to various statements made by Jesus in the scriptures, the starting point for any discussion on this topic from a Christian perspective is that truth is found in the Son of God. But does that mean that there is no place for so-called “relative” truth?

In this podcast, our guests open the discussion with the concepts and validity of objective, subjective, and relative truth, as well as the philosophical coherency of questioning the existence of truth itself. They then tackle the subject of what it takes to find the truth by overcoming our own desires for subjectivity and the satisfaction of our individual biases through hard work, proper motivation, a desire to know God’s will, and a willingness to address certain issues in our hearts and lives. Listeners will be challenged as they examine if the Bible alone is enough to understand God and His ways or if there is something more needed.

If you are interested in additional resources on this subject available through Patterns of Truth, we invite you to explore Brian’s post on The Glory of Kings, which examines the pursuit of truth as shown through Nebechadnezer, king of Babylon. You will also find additional help in the following two series:

Why We Succumb to Misinformation: How is it we are so willing to give into falsehood?

Escape From Error: How can we find the truth and keep ourselves from falling into falsehood?

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Patterns of Truth Podcast
Patterns of Truth Podcast
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  • Thanks for posting this podcast. The concept of “Truth” is really a bedrock subject to discuss. Some have been dismissive of the idea, but many sincere seekers have pondered the subject.

    • Thank you Stephen! Yes, it’s easy for people to miss the importance of this subject. However, many of today’s issues boil down to a question of whether truth is objective or subjective. In fact, it is becoming increasingly common for Christians to approach questions from the perspective of what will make them happy instead of what is true and righteous. Happiness is important, but it neither outweighs truth nor can it actually be obtained without truth. A postmodern mindset misses this reality and sets a person up for a great deal of grief and hardship.

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