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Your Argument Stinks!

Welcome back to another Patterns of Truth podcast! Joining Patricia at the mic today are Roy, Krista, and Lars as they continue a discussion we had in a previous podcast.

Our last podcast on this topic, “What’s a Good Argument?” dealt with the question should Christians argue, and how to argue well—check it out if you haven’t heard it yet! This podcast deals more specifically with the logic behind it—the argumentation. Our team will also touch on some of the struggles a Christian will face in the course of an argument, and share Jesus as a Scriptural example of how powerful a logical answer can be.

Roy starts us off with a statement many of us have heard, and may even believe; that Christians don’t have strong arguments because blind faith cannot be supported by logic or evidence.

That, “Since God is invisible, so is your argument.”

Patricia follows up on this point as well as others throughout the podcast with the following questions:

  • How have you dealt with the argument that the Christian faith cannot be supported by logic or evidence? (3:10)
  • Does God even care if our arguments are logical when we talk to others? (8:09)
  • Why is this topic important to talk about, when we live in a society where people have seemingly already made up their minds? (35:45)

We’d love to hear your answers and experiences with these questions, as well as your thoughts on the rest of the podcast. Leave a comment or click here to Ask a Question. We want to encourage discussions that enable each believer to find the patterns of truth found in Scripture, so as to equip us all to live our lives for the Lord, even in uncomfortable conversations. 

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Patterns of Truth Podcast
Patterns of Truth Podcast
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