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Be a Witness: Reaching the STEM Audience

Concluding our Be a Witness series, our conversation today includes Peter, Roy, Patricia and guest Rob Lederer talking about reaching out to the STEM audience.

Our “Be a Witness” podcasts are a mini-series we’ve done to talk about how we can be a witness to people who have experienced Church Hurt, Sexual Abuse and the LGBTQ+ community. Reaching the STEM audience is our final installment in the series, and if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the previous episodes.

Rob, a retired high school chemistry teacher who studied evolutionary biology, Roy a PhD in psychometrics and someone fascinated with astronomy and particle theory, Peter a pharmacist and teacher of pharmacy students, and today’s host Patricia dig into a fairly intimidating group of people to witness to (or so we sometimes think).

Dive into our podcast as we tackle the following questions:

  • What was the first awkward or uncomfortable moment in your lives when you realized that you may be an outsider in the scientific community? (7:33)
  • What is the biggest misconception that the scientific community has about Christians? (13:18)
  • How should we think and respond–as Christians to those cultural messages that are related to science which do mock the Christian perspective? (18:43)
  • How do we deal with people who are highly intelligent who don’t believe in the Lord and Him being the creator of this universe and everything in it. How can we approach that whether we are experts or not? (22:04)
  • How do we approach these three big questions? How do we handle these questions when they’re posed to us? (28:46)
    • Creation vs. Evolution
    • Will climate change kill us all
    • How do we explain people in Genesis living for 900+ years

There are many misconceptions about the scientific community and Christians—and even about Christians in the scientific community, and it’s unfortunate that these misconceptions exist. That it’s believed we have to “check our intellect at the door” in order to believe Scripture, or that science needs to be feared because the Bible won’t hold up to scientific scrutiny. We hope that this podcast starts helps you as you enter these conversations, and that it reminds you to find the patterns of Truth found not only in Scripture, but in the world that God created.

Thanks for listening along to the final “Be a Witness” podcast. Join the conversation and share your own experiences in these situations. Have a question? Go to our ‘Ask a Question’ section and submit it! We prioritize each Q&A submission and desire to provide well-researched, thought out answers to encourage, equip, and enable our listeners/readers to search the Bible and grow closer to God.

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Patterns of Truth Podcast
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