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What’s All This Talk About Multiverses?

What is the multiverse?
A multiverse?

It’s quite a hot topic of discussion. Films like Back to the Future and Star Wars, and books like The Cosmic Jackpot and The Privileged Planet, are examples of works, both literary and cinematic, that humans have created to explore ideas like “Are there worlds outside of our own?” and, “How did all of this happen?”

Today’s Patterns of Truth podcast team is Roy, Peter, Patricia, and new guest Daniel. And our topic is—yep, you guessed it! Multiverses. Though the world inside our bodies is an endless realm of study, we’re still fascinated with the world(s) beyond ours. 

Our team touch on what the different types of multiverses are as defined by scientists, the motivation for developing the multiverse theories in science, and what the evidence has to say.

But this begs a few follow-up questions. What do multiverses have to do with us as Christians? Should we even be talking about them, and how should we be involved in the conversation? How can we so easily believe other worlds exist and not acknowledge that God exists? Most importantly, how can we point this conversation towards the Gospel?

We hope you enjoyed this Catkiller podcast (don’t worry, no cats were harmed in the making of this episode). “Catkillers” are podcasts where we dive into a topic related to the Bible to understand it as much as possible. Check out our other Catkiller podcasts below:

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If “All This Talk of Multiverses” has raised more questions for you, submit them on our “Ask a Question” tab, or join the conversation in the comment section and share your thoughts with us!

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